Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beginning of March pics and Updates

Well, We made it through February also!  Right now we are noticing our bodies getting toner, and more fit, and are dropping pounds and inches along the way!  We are doing the Kettle worx week 3 for the month of March, and can really feel it in our abs! :)

March 1, 2011 182 pounds

March 1, 2011  197 lbs

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So...Todd has had a weightloss of 14 lbs since Dec. 25
And.sarah has had a weightloss of 9 lbs since Dec. 25th.


Feb 1, 2011 UPDATE on Kettle worx

We made it through a whole entire month of doing the Kettle worx program!  We stayed consistantly on week 1....and February we will do Week 2! 

Here are our recent pictures! Feel free to compare....(if you dare)
February 1:  190 lbs

February 1  217 lbs

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday "Core" work out.

We skipped our Friday work out last week!  It was NewYears Eve, and we went up to his father's house for the weekend.  We had an amazing time, and ate far too much!  It was great...LOL  We meant to work out Saturday night when we got home, but it didn't end up happening! :) 

Todd didn't do the Core work out today either.  I made it through though!  I am proud also.  My abs are killing me, and tomorrow I will be soooo sore, but happy that I did it.  My goal this week is to lose 5 lbs.  I simply must. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3rd work out....And we lived to tell about it...

There is something quite nice about doing these Kettle worx videos with my handsome hubby...Tonight we did the "resistance" video, and boy were our hearts pounding!  I hope I'm not as sore tomorrow as I was the first one....I really was squatting "deep"  This time I really stretched afterward.  I feel awesome!  To quote Todd, he feels, "tired, yet energized."


Monday, December 27, 2010

2nd work out!

Well, Today Todd and I did our second Kettle worx video.  Mondays will be the only day we don't work out together.  It was intense!  I really like the "core" video, because that's the part of my body that needs the most work.  My only complaint today is that the video doesn't give me enough time to move up and down off the floor.  But I did it! And I did the whole thing.  YAY me....

Todd said he enjoyed it also.  We are going to ROCK this program. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well, I feel the BURN!

I realized today, the reason I am fat...I love to eat, and I hate to exercise.  I typically work out at Curves, but it's low impact, and I'm never feeling like I've been hit by a truck.  Well yesterday when Todd and I did our first Kettle Bell work out, I thought, "Sure, I can do this"  But today, yup...I feel like I've been hit by a semi-truck.  I get to this stage, (first work out stage) and then I may be brave enough to do a second time, but after two trucks hit me, I leave the DVD on the counter to start it's career as a dust magnet.  I will not do this, THIS time.  I just have to push through the burn, stretch better, and go through this burn.  I'm entering the weight loss phase, where toning is mandatory, if I don't want to end up like a saggy skinned monster. 

I will push through the burn.  It will get easier right?  Well, I"m not sure, but I will get used to the pain.  (But how do I know really, I've never made it through a video twice. 

This is our schedule...
Monday:  Todd AM
                Sarah PM

Tuesday:  REST

Wednesday: Todd PM
                    Sarah PM

Thursday:  Todd: Apple
                 Sarah Curves

Friday:       Todd: Apple
                  K worx PM
                  Sarah Curves
                  K works PM

Saturday:    Todd: Apple
                   Sarah: Curves

Sunday:  REST

We need to follow through.  And we will. :)